Technical InformationIn case of any difficulties whilst using any plumbing or sanitary products please drop us a line and we shall do our best to resolve your problem
  • Follow industry recommended practices and use care and handling and installing flexibles.
  • Observe the minimum bent radius as specified.
  • Use a flexible of proper length to suit the installation.
  • Use wrench on the flexibles end fitting hex nuts flat as provided.
  • Provide for some extra length of hose as may be required to avoid any tension or pressure at the wrong points.
  • Make sure that the pressure rating of flexibles is not exceeded.
  • Check for leaks before finishing the job.
  • Install the flexible in a manner that it can be replaced easily
  • Wrench the flexible on the hose or the collar
  • Attach the flexible hose on tension
  • Twist the flexible during installation
  • Install the flexible with too much of a bend
  • Restrict the flexibility by stretching or compressing it to fit a particular installation



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